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Frank is an alcohol car who always loves his life on the Big City Yard, and he likes his friends on the Steam Team, sometimes, the railroad controller, Carl gives important jobs to Frank, and sometimes he needs to work with Diesel cars who he didn't like...

Cars on the Steam Team:

  • Frank
  • Butch
  • Jack
  • Homer
  • Whiff
  • Taxi
  • Billy
  • Emily


  • Part of those series are based on the TV series, Thomas the tank engine.
  • Many characters such as Jack, Duck, Whiff, Taxi and Frank has damaged parts, caused by accidents.
  • The first car in Carl's collection is Alarm a fire truck, he arrived on the collection in 2004 or 2003.
  • The series started in 2008, but before this year, Carl had more models like Harold, Alarm and Ambulance
  • Frank arrived on February 2008, one year after Harold's arrival.
  • the series takes place on Brazil, but is designate as an american place.
  • Many episode filmed on 2008 and 2009 have been deleted.
  • 40 Learns is the first episode of 2009 series, he's accepted as a good episode by Carl.

Pictures of the cars

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